Pitch Life Volume 2: Everything But The “Pitchin” Sink SKU: 147542

Veteran Blogger and Influencer Network owner Krystel Spell has made her pitch letters and templates available in Vol 1 Of The Pitch Life. In Vol 2 she once again gives you a downloadable file of letters to assist in everyday situations that happen in the pitching process.

Letters in This Downloadable File include:

  • Introduction to a brand that you already use as a customer
  • Press release reply back to a brand if interested in working together
  • When You're not interested in an opportunity
  • Negotiation for a sponsored post when presented with hi res images
  • Replying to a brand who wants a guest post on your blog
  • Followup email to a brand you haven't heard from
  • When a brand replies that other bloggers do it for free
  • When a brand you pitched seems interested but suggests your numbers maybe to low
  • When a brand pitches you and offers you a lower rate than you actual sponsored rate
  • Email to get added to a press list
  • Bonus Letter Included


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